"Merestone" is an English term that designates the marks that formerly limits of a piece of land, or indicates a precise location. Jong Oh's minimal sculptures, created in situ, respond to a spatial situation and a precise context. With a unique technique and a great economy of materials, the artist uses ropes, padlocks, threads, wooden and metal rods. His works float, connect or intersect depending on the viewer's position, adding new dimensions to simple three-dimensional space. Jong plays with light and shadow to create compositions that favor optical illusion and dialogue between lines and planes. In this sense, his practice challenges the traditional assumption in the sculpture of dense masses and heavy objects. The viewer's experience becomes a sober meditation on the whim of human perception, recorded through a deep exploration of the work and the negative space resulting from the artist's intervention. Jong invites the viewer to question their own perception and relationship with the space around them, offering a place for contemplation and meditation as opposed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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