150 x 120 cm



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Luis Miguel Rico's untitled series can be defined by the “color block” concept, consisting of generating a series of colorful forms. This technique is closely linked to collage, and the overlapping of planes allows the viewer to appreciate the different stages of the creative process. His compositions come to life from spots that appear simple but fulfill the crucial function of creating space and dimensions. On a technical level, he uses pointed and bounded lines and carefully chooses colors. The use of oil paint allows some level of transparency, which gives rise to visual effects such as a greater depth of plane or new tones as a result of color combinations. The artist's interpretation of abstraction focuses mainly on series work and format/color palette choice. What interests him most are organic forms, and he aims to unleash the strength that we can find in shapes of nature that are often overlooked. The color and plane combination or the abstract forms created can evoke a state of mind or a memory, and through this phenomenon he is able to convey some of the emotions that he feels when he develops the work.