Island 44




100 x 15 x 15 cm


resina de poliéster, hierro y vidirio

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Hans Arp (1888 - 1966): Escultor Información (ENG) The Island series, completed in 1995, is structured in 73 translucent pieces made with polyester resin. Each one has a number engraved referring to art history, literature and science eminences, which represent Plensa’s personal guides. The crystal bottles inside the prisms seem to preserve securely the concentrated essence. Plensa says that we are living in a cultural and artistic transition, which means that we are moving from a paradigm to another, and therefore, it’s necessary to reconsider everything. The artists aren’t longer supporters from magistrals narratives, but “islands” isolated in this transition. There is not a history of art, but artists. The main factor of his work is the dematerialization of the object. The use of the material is peculiar because the polyester resin allows the light to go through the piece, but not completely. He also says that the installation has the choice to build a self portrait through the others. It must be remarkable the importance of the dualism in Plensa’s artwork.