Isolina Arbulu Gallery is pleased to announce its fourth participation in the Estampa 2023 art fair presenting a captivating exhibition proposal under the title "Deceptions and Appearances" at the IFEMA fairgrounds (Booth 4C10) from 19 to 22 October 2023.

The proposal is an invitation to enter a fascinating world of contradictions and visual challenges, where five prominent contemporary artists guide us through their different registers, but with a common thread: the revelation of the deceptions behind appearances and the hasty conclusions we tend to reach.

The work of the Málaga-born Pablo Mercado leads us to a profound reflection on memory, the fragile balance between remembering, reconstructing and reinterpreting through pieces that defy the logic of the elements while questioning the reliability of our perceptions during the process of recovering memories.

The work of the Cadiz artist Jaime Velázquez establishes an automatic disconnection between the limits of reality and fiction. His particular dialogue between figuration and digital abstraction, sprinkled with urban language, facilitates the interpretation of everyday situations generated by the lack of coherence of current languages.

The Dutch artist Nanon Morsink confronts us with apparently innocent figures that conceal a disturbing reality: the sexualisation of childhood in contemporary society. Her work challenges the viewer to question a reality that often goes unnoticed.

The Canadian musician and photographer Bryan Adams, resorts to iconic images of universally recognised characters to pose the contradiction of superficiality versus the reality that hides behind the mirror of his camera, configuring a dreamlike world with a very clear intention of double impression.

Finally, Alicia Arlanda, an artist from Madrid whose style borders on satire, desperately seeks to portray the soul of women. Alicia is fascinated by the role of the subconscious in the process of creating our own identity, resorting to metaphors of herself in which she reconstructs a labyrinth in which she longs to find herself.

"Deceptions and Appearances" is an emotional trompe l'oeil, an energetic vortex that offers the opportunity to question prejudices and delves into the exploration of the complexity hidden behind everyday mediocrity. It is a complete and risky artistic proposal that encompasses different disciplines: sculpture, photography, painting and installation, offering a unique visual experience at Estampa 2023.