Gallery Nosco

Gallery Nosco

Rue Lebeau 43, Sablon 1000


Gallery Nosco, initially founded in London in 2007 as a secondary practice, has undergone a transformative journey, gradually establishing itself as a respected presence within the contemporary art scene. Beginning in 2011, the gallery started working with artists through a series of worldwide pop-up exhibitions which eventually led to the establishment of a dedicated space in Farringdon operating until 2019. Following this, the gallery relocated to the cultural capital of Marseille for two years, since the pandemic and as of January 2023, it has found its current home in Brussels.

At the core of Gallery Nosco’s ethos is the belief in cultural exchanges and fostering dialogue between artists, bridging the gap between conceptualism, artistic practices, political environments, and cultural histories in contemporary art society. The gallery actively runs residency programs, providing artists with opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations, enrich their practices, and explore their diverse perspectives.

The gallery operates two distinct exhibition programs. The first is hosted on the first floor in a vitrine space known as ‘The Window Licker,’ dedicated to showcasing the work of young, unrepresented artists. Running parallel to this is the gallery’s main modest space located in Sablon, Brussels, with occasional exhibitions also taking place in London, UK, and Marseille, France. Additionally, Gallery Nosco actively participates in major international art fairs, furthering their mission of connecting artists with institutions and broadening their reach.

Over the past decade, Gallery Nosco has centered its program on showcasing exceptional artists from Latin America, proudly nurturing a deep appreciation for the region’s vibrant and influential artistic practices.

However, the gallery also collaborates with artists from the United States, Europe, and Africa, ensuring a diverse and global representation within their exhibitions.

Gallery Nosco stands as a dynamic platform, facilitating artistic exchanges and creating opportunities for artists to share their unique perspectives and narratives. Through their dedication to curatorial practice, physical exhibitions, and residency programs, the gallery continues to play a vital role in the ever-evolving contemporary art landscape.



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