On the canvas of artistic expression, Lilly Lulay and Enrique Ramírez intertwine a conceptual dance. Lulay, born in 1985 in Frankfurt, challenges visual perception by fusing photography with digital and three-dimensional experimentation. Her work becomes a laboratory of ideas that defies conventions by fusing collage and video art, bringing objects to life beyond two-dimensionality.

Enrique Ramirez, born 1979 in Santiago, addresses the memory of a sea saturated with stories. His art, with pieces of candles, bears witness to historical scars and the gradual disappearance of humanity. Paintings, objects and collages reveal a discourse that fuses the political with the intimate, weaving a critical narrative about the landscape and contemporary reality, revealing a unique convergence. Despite their different approaches, Lulay and Ramírez share a passion for exploring the essence of the image and its impact on our understanding of the world. It is a conceptual dialogue where experimentation and reflection converge, a crossing of geographical and artistic boundaries that offers an enriching experience, where memory and experimentation dance in an ethereal synthesis of meaning.